Understanding and Treating Your Pores

What Exactly are Pores?

Pores are openings on the skin’s surface, coming from glands beneath the skin, and serve as a link between the dermis and epidermis. Each pore contains a sebaceous gland, responsible for producing oils in your skin. Typically, pores are more noticeable on the face, including the forehead and nose where sebaceous glands are larger in size.

How are Pore Sizes Determined?

Primarily, you can thank genetics and ethnicity for pore size. Fair-skinned people often have smaller pores, and those with olive or darker skin have larger ones. Small pores generally lead to naturally dry skin, with larger pores causing more oily skin.

There are other factors that can affect pore size; older or dead skin cells, and cells with trapped sebum, can form a pimple and stretch out pores. Additionally, UV rays weaken the collagen that supports pores and keep them tight, making the pores look larger in size.

Strategies to Minimize Pores

While you can’t force pores to shrink, there are a number of treatments available to minimize the appearance of pores:

  • First, keep them clear and unclogged by avoiding skin care products containing heavy ingredients such as petrolatum and mineral oil. Next, exfoliate your skin several times each week using products such as our Pineapple Facial Scrub or Non-Abrasive Exfoliating Cream to remove pore-enlarging dead skin cells. Be sure to follow up with solar protection so that fresh skin cells are protected.
  • For stubborn pores that need a little extra help, consider a stronger solution such as Salicylic Acid to exfoliate the surface of the skin and remove clumped dead skin cells. For home care, our Acne Cleanser w/ Salicylic Acid would be an excellent choice. Or seeing a professional for one of our Salicylic Peels (Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, or Salicylic Acid Peel). These peels leave pores looking smaller and make the skin appear younger, softer and smoother.


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