The Phases of Aging (Post 2 of 2)

Following up on our last post that focused on the first 3 stages of aging, here we will examine the fourth and fifth phases, from 51 and older, to develop an effective skin care plan that uniquely incorporates aging skin.

Luckily, we live in an era with many options for improving the appearance of our skin, with the most attractive option being non-invasive skin care products and treatments.

Fourth Phase of Aging (51-65)

This period is particularly challenging due to the physical and mental changes that often occur, resulting in an “old age” attitude and appearance.

Women may experience bone changes due to a loss of calcium in bones. Skin may sag and the fatty tissue atrophies, making the cheekbones more noticeable. At age 60, a still greater retraction of the skin occurs, leaving the skull even more visible.

Here are several ways to support the skin during this Fourth Phase:


Fifth Phase of Aging (66 and older)

The years after age 65 only are now becoming the subject of more serious study. By age 70, the skin shows creasing in all directions: vertical, horizontal and oblique. The appearance of crow’s feet and other vertical wrinkles between the eyelids and eyebrows become increasingly visible.

Here are several ways to care for the skin w/ LPAR during this Fifth Phase:


  • Adding to the products that we’ve recommended for ages 51-65, the product that will bring the most dramatic results at a 65% concentration of peptides is the Premier Peptide Serum. If not already started on the Peptide Peel w/ Stem Cells program, now is the time to start.
  • The soon to be introduced Vitamin C Stem Cell Mask will be a great addition for a semi-weekly or daily treatment (evening) to address the skin concerns that come along with mature skin (elasticity, skin tone, wrinkle depth, collagen degradation).

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