The Phases of Aging (Post 1 of 2)

It’s important to identify the various stages of aging in order to properly care for the skin through the years. Let’s take a look at the first three phases of aging, included chronologically from age 10-50, to develop an effective skin care plan.

First Phase of Aging (10-20)

During this first phase, the face will show changes in both color and tone from juvenile skin, and may exhibit the first visible lesions as well. Fine wrinkles may appear around the mouth, nose and under the eyes. Avid sunbathers ages 18-20 may see additional lines around the mouth.


Here are several ways to support the skin during this First Phase:

Second Phase of Aging (20’s & 30’s)

Skin changes are usually subtle during the 20’s, appearing mainly on the face, neck and hands. Fine lines become visible in the skin and decreased elasticity may be noted. Color changes – mottled areas of pigmentation – may appear on the face. Smoker’s line may become visible among those who smoke.

The period of 30-35 years of age is near the age (37 years) that represented the average expected life span for humankind for many hundred of thousands of years. Many physical changes have taken place by this time and both heredity and environmental effects become ever more apparent.

Here are several ways to care for the skin w/ LPAR during this 2nd Phase:



Third Phase of Aging (36-50)

The period from 36-50 can be worrisome for both men and women. The major change is the elasticity of the skin. Around 40, smile lines and laugh lines have become deeper and the forehead generally shows moderate wrinkles. Additionally, the mouth creases are more evident and the neck skin shows more sagging. By 50 the skin gets more loose and lax and the chin and cheeks can sag. During this phase, it’s time to start adding more Peptides and Stem Cells to your skin care regimen.

Here are several ways to care for the skin during this Third Phase:



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