LPAR Skin Care Announces New Product: Massage Cream & Body Balm Packed with Essential Oils

Lucrece Massage Cream & Body BalmWe formulated our new botanically rich Massage Cream with Professional Skin Care in mind, especially as a service oriented product for Spa’s. We quickly realized that the product had great retail potential, especially when sampled as a hand, forearm, and body cream. So much so that the product name will eventually reflect this (Massage Cream & Body Balm).

Lucrece Physicians’ Aesthetic Research’s (LPAR) new Massage Cream & Body Balm contains ingredients from the essential oils of coconut, grapefruit and mandarin orange to make this a naturally aromatic cream. In the background are the soft scents of sweet almond, safflower seed and candlenut. The combination of these essential oils, in just the right balance, awakens the senses, stimulates circulation, calms inflammation, aids in relaxation and provides moisture for the skin.

Other essential ingredients in this unique massage cream include:

One of the benefits of this massage cream is that it has rejuvenation qualities as it hydrates and each ingredient is carefully selected to meet LPAR’s standards for their skin care products.

Now available for LPAR skin care professionals and for retail purchase, it will be available in a smaller size for  use at home. Its gentle formulation allows this product to be used on any part of the body including the face (avoid the eye area).

Apply generously to face, neck and body to soothe and nourish the skin during a massage or as an every day moisturizing cream. Remove with warm, damp towel.

For more information about LPAR’s Massage Cream or to find a Professional Skin Care retailer in your area please see the contact page on our website.