LPAR Skin Care’s Clear Zinc Solar Protection Now Qualifies as Broad Spectrum

Clear Zinc Solar ProtectionThe new formulation of LPAR Skin Care’s highly popular professional skin care “Clear Zinc Solar Protection – Tinted” officially launched the last week of January. The FDA mandated that a sample of the product be sent out for SPF testing and analysis by an independent lab. We are excited to report that it passed with flying colors, averaging over 35 in SPF and qualifying as broad spectrum solar protection (UVA & UVB) which addresses both issues of protection from sun burning and UVA radiation that cause wrinkles and sun damage.

We knew there would be a high demand to keep this product in stock, so we did not label the first batch with an SPF value in order to speed up availability as we waited for the test results. The new formulation of this product provides the excellent solar protection that we’ve all come to expect and now more. Note that the SPF value and introductory text (on the back label) will reappear on the product label later in the year.

Why the change?

This was probably the last product of ours that we ever wanted to re-formulate, due its retail and professional success. However, the zinc oxide we sourced in our ingredients is no longer available and we’ve had to look for a sustainable solution. We have done this with the “Silicon Based” and “Light Tint Silicon” products as well. The result is an even better, more effective sun protection product.

The Names of our Solar Protection Products:

Since all three of our Solar Protection products (Clear, Light Tint, and Tinted) now contain the same zinc oxide, all three will be produced with a silicon base, which blends well with zinc oxide and adds stability to the product. It also allows for an easier application with less product, as it glide on the skin with less pull and is more effective in all climates even areas with high humidity. For this reason, we will be phasing out the term “Silicon Based” and “Light Tint Silicon” on the product labels since now there is no reason to differentiate the Silicon Based products.

What to expect:

Our goal was to keep every element to this product consistent with the original formula, including the color, coverage, and natural glow it gives to the skin. We have spent over a year perfecting these elements and ultimately found along with the new formulation comes a slightly different texture. The result is not quite as thick as with the original, but that is offset by increased solar protection.

We’re also continuing to explore different shades for future products and plan to produce a darker shade to add to our line of SPF products. We look forward to your feedback, and hope you continue to enjoy what we believe is among the finest in cosmetic quality, professional sun defense available.

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