Age Management Series #2 – Stem Cells for Skin Care

A Revolution in Anti Aging and Skin Health

Stem cells for skin care represent a major breakthrough in anti aging, skin health and in the protection and strengthening of skin cells. By protecting and replenishing the building blocks of what make up our skin cells, certain long-lived, plant stem cells can continue the process of human skin cell regeneration when our own stem cells slow down or decline. This is at the core of skin health as stem cells serve as a repair system for the body.

The number of epidermal skin stem cells deplete as skin ages. Youthful appearance starts to decline, loss of elasticity, moisture and repeated muscle movements lead to wrinkles and sagging skin as aging cells begin to outnumber their new replacements. As skin matures, damage to cell’s DNA due to exposure to sun and environmental factors contribute to the decline in the skin’s health and appearance. LPAR’s Age Management Stem Cell products are scientifically formulated to:

  • Increase the strength and longevity of skin cells
  • Decreases the loss of collagen
  • Preserve and protect long-term skin health
  • Increase the effectiveness of other active ingredients

Exciting stem cell research has been completed recently on a unique variety of plants including a Swiss apple, known for its unique longevity in storage due to long-lived stem cells. A world of possible anti aging applications opened up and science was able to produce an effective anti aging stem cell extract for human skin. The discovery of certain plant varieties of stem cells is at the cutting edge of anti aging and skin health.

Featuring a potent concentration of medical-grade apple and edelweiss plant stem cells, and boosted by state-of-the-art peptides as well as other complimentary ingredients, LPAR’s Age Management Stem Cell products produce age defying results by restoring skin’s youthful look and vitality. This is especially important for mature skin where collagen degradation and wrinkle depth is most pronounced.

*Peptides stimulate different functions in the skin (like relaxing deep wrinkles similar to Botox) by acting as messengers to skin cells. Stem cell technology improves the life of the core of the cell, working in synergy with peptides, and enhancing the effectiveness of other active ingredients.**

**More about the amazing role of peptides in the second and third installments of our Age Management Series – Peptides: Powerful, natural, gentle giants that can turn back the hands of time

Stem Cells


  • Protects the longevity of the skin cells
  • Limits collagen degradation
  • Provides high anti-oxidant activity
  • Combats chronological aging
  • Increases the effectiveness of peptides and other active ingredients
Stem Cell Replenishing Serum

Featuring a potent concentration of apple and edelweiss plant stem cells, state-of-the-art peptides, and other cutting edge ingredients, the Stem Cell Replenishing Serum is thoroughly formulated to produce age defying results, restoring the youthful look and vitality to aging skin.

Stem Cell Moisturizing Cream

Also featuring a healthy concentration of apple and edelweiss plant stem cells, peptides, and numerous botanical extracts, the Stem Cell Moisturizing Cream is formulated to produce age defying results while also helping to maintain healthy and youthful looking skin as a daily moisturizer.

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