Age Management Series #1 – Peptides

Peptides: Providing powerful effects and visible results with gentle and nourishing delivery systems

Peptides, which play a vital role in our skins health and appearance, will be the topic of future installments of the Age Management Series for their powerful effect on anti aging and skin repair for the face, neck, chest, and hands.

What are Peptides? Simply stated, peptides are partial or short chains of amino acids (proteins) that can act as “messengers,” sending signals to cells with instructions as to how to respond. Peptides “respond” by reducing muscle cell contraction (reducing and smoothing wrinkle depth), stimulating collagen production and elastin, and developing the deeper dermal layer that provides strength and resilience. If long chain proteins were used in anti aging skincare products they could not penetrate the epidermis (top layers) because their molecular size is too large. However, peptides can penetrate the epidermis due to their shorter length and delivery systems.

This installment is an introduction to peptides, which are renowned for their ability to provide anti aging benefits that include:

  • Decreasing wrinkle depth and minimizing fine lines
  • Increasing collagen production (firming and toning)
  • Reducing inflammation that can lead to premature aging
  • Increasing epidermal thickness without causing the trauma that retinols and other actives can

The Vital Role of Peptides: Peptides play an important role in thousands of chemical reactions in our bodies and they play an essential role in youthful, healthy, firm skin. One of the reasons our skin becomes less elastic, loses firmness and wrinkles form as we age is due to changes in peptide activity and damage to existing peptide chains.

The Work of Peptides outside the cell: We recommend using stem cell products in conjunction with peptides to strengthen the inner core of the cells for best results. Stem cells not only increase the skin’s receptiveness to peptides and other active ingredients, but more importantly, they strengthen and increase the longevity of skin cells, representing a major breakthrough in overall skin health and appearance.

*More details about Peptides used for professional skin care and their anti aging, anti-wrinkle, skin repair, and firming effects in installment #3 – Peptides and Stem Cells.

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